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Fund Liquidity Report (April 2016)
The International Capital Market Association’s (ICMA) Asset Management and Investors Council (AMIC) and the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) have published today a report on the legislative requirements and market-based tools available to manage liquidity risk in investment funds in Europe. The report also offers some recommendations to further improve the general liquidity management environment.
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The Future of the Savings Industry Report (2013)
The report intends to show that the future of this industry is bright, and offers many opportunities to those who work in it. It will be significantly different from the present, that there are major changes afoot which will affect institutions and individuals alike, and that they – individually, severally as companies and collectively as an industry – need to adapt to survive.

ETF report (2011)
The AMIC published a report which a description of different types of ETFs and the current state of the ETF market, assessments of market trends in ETF development and usage, the future development of the ETF market and the value of the ETF 'brand'.

Managing Client Expectations Paper
AMIC issued a paper ‘Managing Client Expectations’ recognising and addressing the asset management industry’s reputational issues, many of which predate the current market crisis.

Money Market Funds Report (2008)
AMIC published a report on money market funds