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30 January 2017
Stéphane Janin, AXA IM, and Axel van Nederveen, EBRD, to be new vice-chairs of the Executive Committee for  ICMA’s Asset Management and Investors Council


24 October 2016

AMIC response to European Commission consultation on the review of the EU macro-prudential policy framework.

3 October 2016
ICMA is conducting a consultation on the new London Term Sheet of GDP-Linked Bonds with interested members of ICMA’s Asset Management and Investors Council. Click here for more information.

22 September 2016
AMIC response to FSB consultation on proposed policy recommendations to address structural vulnerabilities for asset management activities.

7 September 2016
The ICMA AMIC Bail-in Working Group discussion letter to the ECB highlighting observations on the operation of the bail-in regime, from the buy-side point of view.

23 May 2016
ICMA CBIC reviews the Covered Bond Label Harmonised Transparency Template ahead of the CBIC June 2016 conference.

18 April 2016
The International Capital Market Association’s (ICMA) Asset Management and Investors Council (AMIC) and the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) have published today a report on the legislative requirements and market-based tools available to manage liquidity risk in investment funds in Europe. The report also offers some recommendations to further improve the general liquidity management environment.
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