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European Post-Trade Forum (EPTF)
The EPTF was established by the European Commission in early 2016 in the context of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) project. The aim of this expert group is to help the Commission undertake a broader review on progress towards removing any remaining barriers to cross-border clearing and settlement in Europe. This follows up on the work initiated by the Giovannini Group in the early 2000s and later pursued and implemented by various post-trade related expert groups, including EPTG, EGMI and the CESAME Groups.  
ICMA is a member of the EPTF, represented by ERCC Chairman Godfried De Vidts, alongside other major financial market associations, the ESCB, ESMA and a number of independent experts. ICMA actively contributes to the important work of the EPTF, mainly through its ERCC Operations Group.


Alexander Westphal
Director, Secondary Markets, Market Practice and Regulatory Policy.
Direct line: +44 20 7213 0333