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ICMA Executive Education courses are taught by current and former financial markets practitioners. The programmes are therefore a blend of practical and academic know-how, so that candidates have a thorough understanding of the topics being discussed.

Profiles of the trainers who comprise the ICMA Executive Education faculty can be viewed below.

The current ICMA Executive Education trainers are:

Alan Burr 

Alan Burr has over 40 years’ international experience of financial markets. He specialises in the securities and derivatives industry, with particular expertise in trading, operations, regulation, risk management, corporate governance, clearing and settlement. He has substantial executive experience with clearing houses, exchanges, international markets and in the management of IT. He is an independent advisor offering a broad range of professional services, which include consulting, management and training plus expert witness work. He is recognised as a leading authority in the field of operations, investment and risk management.

Alan is an expert on derivatives, commodities, foreign exchange, fixed income and equities and has contributed to and led many projects to introduce new exchanges. Alan regularly provides education on all aspects of investment operations for examination and general educational purposes.

He worked for ICCH (now LCH.Clearnet) as Chief Executive in Hong Kong and Executive Director in London and then for MEFF, the Spanish Financial Futures Exchange.

Alan is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. He is a CISI accredited trainer and examiner.

Alan trains on the following courses:

Richard Comotto

Richard Comotto is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the ICMA Centre at the University of Reading, where he is responsible for the money markets module of the Centre's postgraduate finance programme. He also compiles ICMA’s semi-annual European repo market survey and is Course Director for a number of educational programmes for the repo and securities lending markets, including the ICMA Professional Repo Market Course, ICMA’s GMRA Workshop and the ICMA-ISLA GMRA-GMSLA Workshop.

Richard acts as an independent consultant, providing research and training on the international money, securities and derivatives markets to professional market associations, government agencies, regulatory authorities, banks, brokers and financial information services. He has written a number of books and articles on a range of financial topics, including the foreign exchange and money markets, swaps and electronic trading systems and takes particular interest in the impact of ‘electronic brokers’ on the foreign exchange market and in the more recent introduction of electronic trading systems into the bond and repo markets. Richard served for ten years at the Bank of England in the Foreign Exchange Division and on secondment to the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC.

Richard trains on the following courses:

Kate Craven 

Kate was until recently a Director in the legal department of Barclays’ investment banking arm where she spent 10 years heading the Debt capital markets team. Prior to this, Kate was head of the Transaction Management Group at Merrill Lynch International where she worked from 1993 to 2003. Kate’s career in the city started in 1987 at Mitsubishi Trust International followed by several years at Kidder, Peabody International. For 12 years, Kate was chair of ICMA’s Legal & Documentation Committee, stepping down in 2013. She is currently a Senior Advisor to ICMA and is on the steering committee of the ICMA Women’s Network. Kate received the Europe Women in Business Law IFLR in-house award in 2013 and the IFLR European Outstanding achievement award in 2014. Kate has a History degree from SOAS, University of London.

Kate trains on the Introduction to Primary Markets Qualification (IPMQ) course.

Peter Haines

Peter is a visiting fellow at the University of Reading and is a freelance compliance consultant. From 1986-2006, he occupied senior roles in regulation and compliance, including being Head of Compliance at Paribas, UBS Warburg and Bank of America. Since 2006, Peter has provided independent advice and training on compliance, risk and governance to banks and investment firms. He is also a non-executive director at a UK bank and chairs its audit and risk committees.

Peter trains on the Corporate Governance and Culture course.

Guy Maslin

Guy is a former accountant who began his career in the Banking and Financial business almost 30 years ago. He acquired his knowledge mainly in Operations and became Deputy Head of Operations for a Japanese bank (in Luxembourg).  He then took over the position of Head of Operations for a Swiss Bank (in Luxembourg) before moving to one of the ICSDs. Following on from this, and based on his broad operational knowledge, he initiated, developed and delivered an entire training programme on a global basis for employees of the ICSD.

Guy is today co-founder and Managing Partner of Evolv Luxembourg, a company providing training (mainly operational, management and soft skills), consulting and translation services, in both French and English.

Guy trains on the following courses:

Lindsey Matthews

Lindsey Matthews, CFA, is Managing Director, UBS Delta, in Securities Distribution at UBS Investment Bank, London and was until 2010 Group Head of Risk Education at UBS AG. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the ICMA Centre. Lindsey started out in the interest rate derivatives business in 1992 in London and New York and later moved to build up the financial products and markets education team for Swiss Bank Corporation in London, expanding the remit to cover the education of clients (institutional fund managers, treasurers, sovereign clients and hedge fund clients), across all asset classes.

Lindsay trains on the following courses:

David Oakes

David trained as an economist at the London School of Economics and was lecturer in finance at the University of Exeter and Warwick Business School before joining the ICMA Centre at the University of Reading as Director of Academic and Executive Education in 1998. He co-ordinated ICMA Executive Education programmes from 1994-2004. David left the Centre in 2004 to set up Dauphin Financial Training Limited, which specialises in advanced financial markets training to investment banks in New York.

David trains on the following courses:

Chris O’Malley

Chris O'Malley is a Senior Advisor to the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) focusing on training and maket practice initiatives. He has spent more than 35 years of his professional life in the international debt markets, specifically the Eurobond market. For a major part of his career, O'Malley managed bond sales teams: heading the London sales team for Credit Suisse First Boston and then managing sales globally for Samuel Montagu, Midland Montagu and subsequently HSBC.

Chris is the Programme Director for the Introduction to Primary Markets Qualification (IPMQ) and the Primary Market Certificate (PMC)

Gail Rolland

Gail has 30 year’s experience in financial markets. Working initially in trading and sales of major international banks in London and New York, Gail subsequently started her own financial markets training and consultancy firm. Gail has broad market experience on a global level, but a particular expertise in fixed income and market infrastructure. Gail is the author of Market Players: A Guide to Institutions in the Financial Markets. She has worked with the ICMA since the 1990s and is also the online tutor for the Fixed Income Certificate.

Gail trains on the following courses:

Neil Schofield

Neil is a visiting fellow at the University of Reading and is a freelance training consultant. From 2001 to 2008, he was global head of financial markets training at Barclays Capital in London. He was responsible for the design and delivery of a large number of seminars in a variety of different asset classes to many different audiences.  Previous to that he was a director at Chisholm Roth training in London and has also held positions at Chase Manhattan Bank as well as Security Pacific Hoare Govett (now trading as Bank of America). Neil has over 20 years of experience in financial markets. In 2008, he published his first book “Commodity Derivatives” and his second text “Trading the Fixed Income, Inflation and Credit Markets” was published in 2011. He also co-authored a book on Inflation and a book on Equity Derivatives published in 2016.

Neil trains on the following courses:

Mike Simmons

Mike is an operations specialist and independent training consultant and has been involved with the capital markets and operations throughout his career, focusing originally upon securities settlement and more recently on the broader aspects of operations (derivatives, trade finance, payments, corporate finance and corporate lending). Mike is the author of two books on Operations - “Securities Operations: A Guide to Trade & Position Management” and “Corporate Actions: A Guide to Securities Event Management”, both published by Wiley Finance.

Mike trains on the following courses:
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